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A statement supporting the importance of the coaching role of teachers in enterprise activities, based on the experiences of Junior Achievement Slovakia.


A statement supporting the importance of flexibility in entrepreneurial teaching and learning approaches, based on the experiences of Junior Achievement Slovakia.


When running entrepreneurial learning courses, educators often focus more on results than a student's understanding of the concepts. A reflection on results-oriented learning based on the experience of Junior Achievement Slovakia.

Risk Management

Supported risk-taking, together with opportunities for learning how to assess and manage the consequences appropriately, should form an integral part of any entrepreneurial learning programme. This is a statement of why risk management matters, based on the experience of Junior Achievement Slovakia.

Skills Development

A statement supporting the development of skills required by entrepreneurs, based on the experiences of Junior Achievement Slovakia.

Project Method

A description of the project method, its application and value in terms of entrepreneurial learning. This approach facilitates adaptive education, promotes knowledge, autonomy and accountability, and stimulates participation and cooperation amongst students

Creative Cards

A resource for schools and colleges devised by JA-YE Norway, Creative Cards consists of a set of 54 cards which contain a range of ideas and exercises focusing on problem-solving and offering inspiration for collaboration and creative thinking.

Innovation Camps

Also known as Creativity Camps or 24-hour Camps, Innovation Camps are a means of bringing students together to address and find solutions to a specific business challenge. They are the perfect way to educate and motivate key players such as teachers and business people about how to encourage entrereneurship in the classroom.


A flexible, educational programme focusing on environmental issues in the local community that provides students aged 9-13 with experience and knowledge on how to develop new solutions to the challenges they face.

SMARTcamp/ SMARTer Energy

A programme for students aged 6-12 which uses the SMART method but focuses on problem-solving and creative ideas development the field of clean/green energy; SMARTcamp is a training session for teachers to prepare them for running SMARTer Energy in their schools.

JA in the 21st Century - BCG Study

In late 2014 the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) was contacted by JA Canada to discuss the organization's digital strategy vision. After initial discussions of JA's vision, BCG offered to complete a more thorough assessment focusing on the following 3 objectives:

a) Review the overall vision: Is this directionally the right path for Junior Achievement?
b) Provide a set of specific recommendations: What should change, be removed, be added to the strategy?
c) Assess whether the vision is set up for success: Are the right conditions and enablers in place for change?

On-line apps

Junior Achievement has developed a new Economics for Success “Keep Your Balance” interactive tool for students to budget with a social conscience. The tool allows students to understand how the financial and environmental decisions they make can impact their lives. Visit www.jacan.org/efs/kyb

JAUSA Program Implementation Standards

The Program Implementation Standards are produced to ensure quality standards and consistency across all Junior Achievement USA® programs. This document is intended to assist in maintaining compliance for implementation of all JA USA programs. It includes minimum standards for running JA programs, quick reference charts, and variance guidelines.

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Impresa in Azione: Training Session for New Teachers

A one-day training event for teachers who are new to running enterprise activities and want to develop a student mini-company for the first time.

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