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Trough seeking knowledge about their local community students discover challenges they can use their creativity and entrepreneurial skills to solve. They work in groups and they have to use their network to find good solutions to the challenge they have decided to solve. The students work throuh 5 phases:

  1. Detective - by conducting a survey of their own environment, students look for issues related to the theme of clean energy that they feel are particularly important, inspiring and interesting;
  2. Now I've got an idea! - individually and in groups, students work to develop solutions to their identified issues;
  3. Now what? - they choose a key research question they want to study and then link with other groups making the same choice in order to develop a plan for finding and realizing solutions;
  4. This was it! - students prepare to present their project and their SMART solutions to parents and other members of their local community;
  5. The way forward - reflection on what has been learnt and the value and usefulness of the solutions.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Norway

In charge!

“In charge!” gives students an understanding of the choices they already do today, has great significance for their opportunities later in life. If they imagine that they will again be able to buy a separate housing, it is necessary to have an awareness of their own
economy and see the value of long-term savings. Throughout the program, students are put in different choice situations that highlight the consequences of their own choices relating to
educational and career paths and their personal finances.
“In charge!” is built around a digital platform that shows how
consumption choices affect the possibility of saving up to by your own place to live later in life.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Norway

Women training programme

The purpose of the program is to give female students better self-knowledge, self-confidence and motivation to go into management positions. The students are recruited from the students doing the Startup program

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Norway

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