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Sustainable Enterprise Development Program

Sustainable Enterprise Development Program  creates youth-led SMEs in Azerbaijan and enchance their efficiency through capacity-building and enabling environment.

SEDP objectives are:

  • Promotion of SME development through the creation of youth-led enterprises by providing entrepreneurship and business training to young women and men;
  • Provision of access to financial services for youth-led enterprises by partnering with banks and micro-finance institutions;
  • Fostering the process of enabling environment for SMEs by presenting the successes and challenges of youth-led enterprises to business community.

Professional and Business Development of Regional Youth

Professional and Business Development of Regional Youth provided its participants the opportunity to develop their professional skills and economic and entrepreneurial skills in order to gain success in the careers. It aims to obtain skills and knowledge which are necessary in running a private business affair.  The project is composed of  two main components: 1. Business training and 2. Student business day. 

Stage 1: Business Training

  • Training phase: Students are trained on financial literacy, success skills and company program.
  • Initiate a Business Plan: Students review the company's business strategies and create business, product, financial and marketing plans. They will learn to develop their leadership skills, write and implement business plans, and create sales goals for their products.

Stage 2: "Student Business Day"

  • Trade Fair Stand - Students get to present their product/ service to the panel of judge and the public.
  • Business Plan Presentation - The business plan presentation summaries the key experiences and achievements of the students' company.


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