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Managerial Simulation Exercises

It is based on the use of economic simulation training programs in an interactive learning process, it enables students understand economic principles and laws, connects macro and micro-economic levels of society. It gives an opportunity to gain experience in team work, make decisions, risk, predict the consequences and be responsible for them.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Slovakia

How to start a start-up

The program is about giving insight on how to create a successful start-up. It’s based on lecture series which were originally held from Stanford University and video recorded. Famous US entrepreneurs and investors share their personal experience on how to come up with brilliant business ideas, design products people love and raise venture capital.The program is divided in 20 lectures. After the lecture, Luxembourgish experts/entrepreneurs will present their experiences and answer your questions.

Entrepreneurs in front of the classroom

In OvK entrepreneurs share their experiences from real life with the young people. During a presentation they get the chance to introduce their company and the reason why they started it. After this, students can ask questions about the job of an entrepreneur.

Business Startup

The INJAZ Business Start Up Program will contribute to the social and economic development, and political stability of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by engaging the talent of today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders to create and innovate entrepreneurial solutions to local, regional and international socio-economic and political challenges.  

Management Training Programme

Mostly university students are gathered for advanced managment training programme. The idea was takenfrom General Elctric training inMadrid. Students learn how to deelop mission, vision, goals of an organisation and several brainstorming methods. They learn abaout management and leadership styles and assess themselves. They learn about communication and target groups of the business. Also partner relations and their analysis.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Estonia

Entrepreneurship Day

AN etnrepreneurship day is organised by a school or local business centre and JA fulfils the day of its programmes. Usuallly a creative entrepreneurial task is fulfilled which contains also theory elements of canvas, team building, planning, marketing, presentation

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Estonia

JA Junior Mentor Programme

Students who have graduated from the student company programme but are still at school are invited to join Junior Mentor Programme. They are taugh a short advanced course in entrepreneurship, leadership and management, psychology, commmunication, supporting others, basic tutoring etc.

When new student companies appear at school they go to support teachers-advisors and help newcomers to overcome their problems. They are a valuable support for the teacher as it is easier for them to achieve the trust of their younger peers.

During the trade fair each Junior Mentor gets 5-10 student companies whom they analyse and give advice. At the end they write their report about their learning experience.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Estonia

Job Training Program

Job Training Program targets university students, offering them up-to-date job knowledge and the opportunity to learn essential working skill during an internship.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA China

Business Ethics Bootcamp

The Business Ethics program will be classroom based, giving introduction to ethical decision-making. Forllowing this, students will also be provided various scenarios involving ethical consideration and decision making, usually in break out sessions. Each group will alos be given a case study and will have to do a presentation. This will be run as a mock competition in the program.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Malaysia

Junior Marketing Program

Junior Marketing Program was  participated by the Junior Achievement Marketing Association, a National Organization of Marketing Students in the Philippines established through JA Philippines, Inc.

Hotel Economy

A course that introduces learners to the economy of the hotel industry. They familiarize with the basic economic indices of activity of a modern hotel and learn to understand, diagnose, and optimize the yield of a hotel.

Hotel Management

A learning course that acquaint its participants with basic principles, tools, policies, and main indices of effectiveness of modern hotel management.

JATm Basics of Business for Young Farmers

A course developed by specialists of JA Turkmenistan specially to give practical assistance to young residents of rural area who wish to start a business in agro-industrial complex. The program explains the basics of market economy and entrepreneurship in respect to agricultural and livestock sector of Turkmenistan. It also gives practical recommendations and review of agriculture-related legislation of Turkmenistan. 

Community Citizenship

Community Citizenship familiarizes students with how to set up and run a social entrepreneurship project, and understand the skills, attitudes, planning and behaviors of social entrepreneurs. This workshop aims to cultivate the following:
- Creative thinking and problem solving within their community, alongside communication and presentation skills.
- Teamwork and leadership whilst building confidence and a can-do attitude.
- Negotiations, decision making, managing risks, and responding to change.
- Set up their own social project within their community.
- A sense of ownership and social responsibility within students.
Student Attendance: Approximately 60-100 students per workshop
Volunteers Required: 10


This course teaches the students the importance of leadership and the benefits of developing leadership skills in one's career and social life. It gives students a chance to become community leaders, through a leadership project supervised by their private sector consultant that aims to have a positive influence on the community and the individuals.

Incubator Junior

The programme focuses on developing students’ soft skills and interpersonal effectiveness. Through motivational and thematic workshops, the students identify the strengths and unique potentials of their interpersonal skills. They examine for ex. how to work with business ideas, how to work in team, how to sell an business idea, how to present an issue.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Czech

Entrepreneurship Master Class University - Palestine

Entrepreneurship Master Class is a one-day inspirational workshop-for young people between the ages of 14-25 (with differences in delivery for each age group), it challenges students to think about starting their own business as a career, and becoming entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship Master Class builds on the wider key skills; the participants acquire social skills and experience of communications, team work, sales, marketing, finance, problem solving , personal training through improving their performance and use self-assessment procedures to support the growth of quality businesses and quality jobs.

The program is divided into two parts, first the theoretical part, where they learn about the different business departements, the skills needed for every departement, the sources of funding, social responsibillity and the role of  board of directors.

The second part is practical, in this part the students are divided into groups where each group has to have a CEO, marketing director, sales director, human resources manager and employees. The students are given material and a certain amount of money in order to make their own product and to convince others to buy it, during this part the students face some challenges where they have to make decisions that will put their virtual business at risk and will cause them to loose or win.

Entrepreneurial Skills

This program enables participants to acquire the set of skills they need to start and run a business. At the beginning, participants will explore the different types and elements of an enterprise, and then they will become exposed to inspiring and instructional examples of successful local entrepreneurs. Afterwards, participants will evaluate their own ideas, design and practice their elevator pitch.

JA Local Program / Organisation: INJAZ Egypt

Idea Design High - Lebanon

This program is designed to help the participants excel with their predefined ideas. Based on the reputable design thinking method, participants collaboratively solve problems. This is followed by interactive discussions about the core elements of a great idea. By the end of this learning experience, participants will have created their own ideas for their promising enterprises.

Idea Design Uni - Lebanon

This program is designed to help the participants excel with their predefined ideas. Based on the reputable design thinking method, participants collaboratively solve problems. This is followed by interactive discussions about the core elements of a great idea. By the end of this learning experience, participants will have created their own ideas for their promising enterprises.

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