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Start Academy

Start Academy (SA) is a business plan contest for students at university level.

JA Play Lab

Play is vital for the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of every child. It enables children to engage and interact in the world around them at an early age. JA Play Lab allows children to use their creativity while developing their cognitive and emotional strength.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Hong Kong

Community Citizenship

Community Citizenship familiarizes students with how to set up and run a social entrepreneurship project, and understand the skills, attitudes, planning and behaviors of social entrepreneurs. This workshop aims to cultivate the following:
- Creative thinking and problem solving within their community, alongside communication and presentation skills.
- Teamwork and leadership whilst building confidence and a can-do attitude.
- Negotiations, decision making, managing risks, and responding to change.
- Set up their own social project within their community.
- A sense of ownership and social responsibility within students.
Student Attendance: Approximately 60-100 students per workshop
Volunteers Required: 10

Ripples of Happiness-UAE

Ripples of Happiness is an educational program that is jointly developed by the Coca-Cola Foundation and INJAZ Al-Arab with primary emphasis on social responsibility, entrepreneurial skills, financial literacy, and workplace readiness. Students learn fundamental business and economic concepts, explore career interests and opportunities, and learn important principles of work readiness. During visits to classrooms, volunteers serve as role models. Through a variety of experiential activities, students better understand the relationship between what they learn in school/university and their successful participation in a global economy and community. The program is implemented across selected universities throughout the region with the support of INJAZ Al-Arab. 

JA Local Program / Organisation: INJAZ UAE

Steer your Career-UAE

A professional development program that aims to teach the skills needed for a modern workplace and raise students’ awareness on challenges faced as they take the first steps in their professional career path. This program prepares students to use updated tools and methodologies for skills development and planning, as well as expert training sessions covering concepts in professionalism in the workplace.

JA Local Program / Organisation: INJAZ UAE


 Aflatoun is a worldwide movement which could not be created without curriculum adaptation, without generous support and dedication of JAA team, teachers, children, parents, trainers, ministry, donors, partners, volunteers, board members, , family and friends – everyone who has helped bring Aflatoun to children in Armenia.
The Aflatoun Secretariat provided a curriculum and training, and JA Armenia adapted the curriculum, find the resources to deliver and implement the programme in schools.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Armenia

The Dreamfactory

The Dreamfactory consist of a series of 9 different themes within the learning by doing concept.
Doedel is the Dreamfactory mascotte which accompanies the childeren in all themes and is recognizable for the whole school.
9 themes:
Kindergarten 1 (age 3): Doedel de Ontdekker (Doedel the discoverer)
Kindergarten 2 (age 4): Doedel de Dromer (Doedel the dreamer)
Kindergarten 3 (age 5): Samen sterk met Doedel (Originally based on K-6 Ourselves)
Grade 1 (age 6): Ga je mee aan de slag met Doedel (Originally based on K-6 Our Families)
Grade 2 (age 7): Werk je mee aan een toffe buurt? (Originally based on K-6 Our Community)
Grade 3 (age 8): Bouw je mee aan onze droomstad? (Originally based on K-6 Our City)
Grade 4 (age 9): Ga je mee op stap in onze provincie? (Originally based on K-6 Our Region)
Grade 5 (age 10): Trek je mee door Europa? (Originally based on K-6 Our Nation)
Grade 6 (age 11): Kid@Bizz    (see also specific separate description as this program can also run separately from the other themes.)

Every theme is based on 5 or 6 different lessons with the organisation of an event at the end of the lessons, creating the possibility for teachers to implement entrepreneurial teaching in the classroom.
The 9 themes are all based on the courant curricula for primary education and have the same end goal: create possiblities for entrepreneurial behaviour.
Focus from Vlajo is on guiding the teachers, not the students, by means of a clear manual and further digital guidance and train-the-trainer workshops.

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