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Entrepreneurs in front of the classroom

In OvK entrepreneurs share their experiences from real life with the young people. During a presentation they get the chance to introduce their company and the reason why they started it. After this, students can ask questions about the job of an entrepreneur.

Smart Start

SMART START program aims to support students with high potential projects to start their own businesses. Having previously completed the main program of INJAZ, Company Program, a training program for the creation and management business, students will take a step back and think carefully and methodically on their idea and work on how to make their project viable and sustainable. SMART START program  is immersed in a process of long-term thinking on their choice of product or service, niche scalability, etc.

Project promoters grouped into junior companies are encouraged to discuss with their mentors how their business can really take shape in the real world. They will discuss issues related to scalability, market penetration and growth.

Through personalized support "professionals to professionals" youth build a comprehensive business plan, they will market their project and develop the skills needed to become seasoned entrepreneurs.

JA Business Skills Pass Program

The JA Business Skills Pass Program (BSP) is specifically designed to supplement student’s learning in the key business subjects under the Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) track. Its well-researched components is created and patterned on some 21st century skills requirements, following international standards, and more importantly to prepare the JA/DepEd Business Simulation program. Designed with specific needs of upper grade students in mind, BSP provides useful and practical content to equip students in their transition to becoming productive and contributing members of the society. This will also provide them with the necessary skills to create and manage an enterprise and prepare them for tertiary education in business.

Professional and Business Development of Regional Youth

Professional and Business Development of Regional Youth provided its participants the opportunity to develop their professional skills and economic and entrepreneurial skills in order to gain success in the careers. It aims to obtain skills and knowledge which are necessary in running a private business affair.  The project is composed of  two main components: 1. Business training and 2. Student business day. 

Stage 1: Business Training

  • Training phase: Students are trained on financial literacy, success skills and company program.
  • Initiate a Business Plan: Students review the company's business strategies and create business, product, financial and marketing plans. They will learn to develop their leadership skills, write and implement business plans, and create sales goals for their products.

Stage 2: "Student Business Day"

  • Trade Fair Stand - Students get to present their product/ service to the panel of judge and the public.
  • Business Plan Presentation - The business plan presentation summaries the key experiences and achievements of the students' company.


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