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Global Connection Program

 Global Connection program is the first JA educational program focused on entrepreneurship and innovation to involve high school students from China and U.S. in the creation and management of an international trading company. Global Connection Program aims to foster innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship and promoting cultural exchange between Chinese and American students. The final objective of this program is to help teenagers to become successful competitors in the context of a global economy.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA China

Job Training Program

Job Training Program targets university students, offering them up-to-date job knowledge and the opportunity to learn essential working skill during an internship.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA China

Youth Enterprise Solutions for China's BOP

By using business as a tool for empowerment, young entrepreneurs can create sustainable solutions that improve the lives of the millions of people living on less than
$2.25 USD a day in China while also generating profit.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA China

Work Readiness Summer School

JA Work Readiness Summer School is a customized career and life planning program for sub-degree students and senior secondary school students who may go to the world of work or pursue vocational studies after HKDSE (the public examination for Hong Kong secondary students). With the support from over 10 employer parnters from various industries/sectors, the program will be particularly relevant to students interested in design, engineering, entertainment, fire and ambulance services, hospitality, information & communications technology and retail. The month-long summer program comprised a mini job fair, success skills workshops, an entrepreneurship workshop, work experience at one of the employer partners, and a graduation day with sharings by role models, career & life planning advice from educators and HR experts, and mentoring by business volunteers. Participants learned about education paths and career opportunities available to them, and developed their education and career plans through the extended mentorship program. 

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Hong Kong

Youth Development Program

JA Youth Development Program provides an extended and progressive learning experience in three phases for participating students to equip themselves with essential career life skills for their success in the future workplace. After participation in JA Success Skills workshops, selected students will proceed with the extended learning opportunities of workplace immersion, workplace experience, group project challenge, learning reflection as well as sharing and dialogue with young leaders.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Hong Kong

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