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Start Academy

Start Academy (SA) is a business plan contest for students at university level.

Small Entrepreneurs clubs

Small Entrepreneurs is a club for 4.-5. graders (9-11 years) where children can try out, how it feels like to be an entrepreneur. Small Entrepreneurs club is after school activity.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Finland

My digital me junior

My Digital Me Junior (MDM) is a free to use digital instrument which enables young students (age 10-14) to reflect about their owned competencies, through various class-bound and individual activities.
The students are challenged to search voor competencies and skills they are already good at. They work with these skills and competencies to further improve them.
Every student has to register and create his own digital portfolio on the platform. Teachers or other project coaches (club trainers, parents,...) can, on demand of the student, confirm or deny the fact that the students has the skill/competence that he/she claims. Of course, the student has to proove this first through action.


Creatlon consists of 3 parts.

1.  Obtaining knowledge in economics and entrepreneurship - quiz in Moodle.

2. Team exercise - 5 team tasks to fulfil in 1 month (Job shadowing, volunteering and writing about it, making a travel plan with prizes, etc.)

3. Creative task - a video, business fairy tale, advertisement, etc.


JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Estonia

SH Workshop@School

Developing an early and appropriate understanding about occupational health is essential to the well being of our future workforce. SH Workshop @School promotes safety and health awareness among students and encourages a positive attitude towards maintaining a healthy and productive personal and professional life.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Hong Kong

World of Work

The overall Intent of Word Readiness Programs is to give children a structured methodology / an approach to deal with the complex and unknown World of Work which they will be integral part of.  The programs designed are not so much as to give the right answers to the children as would be the case of Career Guidance programs, but to create an Awareness of the World of Work, a greater Appreciation of what the World of Work constitutes, an understanding of Self with respect the World of Work and some Actionable steps that they can take to be a more informed and deliberate participant of this World of Work.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA India


Its the combination of JA-MFM  (Mini Factory Model) and JA-WIN (Work and Interest) that was offered as a one-off intervention for the transition into the Waterfall model.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA India

Work and Interest

JAWIN-This  format has been developed as a precursor to JA Careers with a Purpose. This program helps students decode their interest into different professions and how these professions affect the real world. Therby helping students commence their journey of career exploration are highly appreciated.

The overall workshop, including introductions, breaks, Q&A and feedback, can be conducted within 3 hours (excluding the plenary session). The session delivery is through discussions and activities and is hence expected to be very easy on the students as well as the session anchors. 


Main concept of JAWIN is to Introduce the students Concepts of Work and interest to help them become work ready.

Main Points covered are:

  • What is work
  • What are the types of work people do
  • What is a job
  • What is an occupation
  • What is a profession
  • What is a career?
  • Is there a difference between a job and a career?: Every job is critical to the development of your career. But, jobs are also tools that help you meet your financial needs and goals.  Careers are the path through which you express your talents, skills and aspirations over a lifetime. Another way of thinking about the difference is that with a job, you work to live. With a career, you live to work.  

Further Explaing the concept by introducing the Model of SEEK-SKILLS,EDUCATIONS,EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA India


Aflatoun’s program contains both social and financial themes. Children learn about themselves, child rights, saving, basic financial concepts, and enterprise. Aflatoun puts children at the center of their learning process and engages them with the world around them. By doing so, Aflatoun believes that the social and financial lessons that they receive will stay with them forever.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Zimbabwe

Girls Enterprise Program

Girls Enterprise Program is a specific program for girls who are drawn from schools and out of school young girls within 16-18 years. The program aims to teach them entreprenuership and skill acquisition in areas of interest. Skiils such as photography, computer acquisition, pastry making etc are taught.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Nigeria

Ripples of Happiness-UAE

Ripples of Happiness is an educational program that is jointly developed by the Coca-Cola Foundation and INJAZ Al-Arab with primary emphasis on social responsibility, entrepreneurial skills, financial literacy, and workplace readiness. Students learn fundamental business and economic concepts, explore career interests and opportunities, and learn important principles of work readiness. During visits to classrooms, volunteers serve as role models. Through a variety of experiential activities, students better understand the relationship between what they learn in school/university and their successful participation in a global economy and community. The program is implemented across selected universities throughout the region with the support of INJAZ Al-Arab. 

JA Local Program / Organisation: INJAZ UAE

The Dreamfactory

The Dreamfactory consist of a series of 9 different themes within the learning by doing concept.
Doedel is the Dreamfactory mascotte which accompanies the childeren in all themes and is recognizable for the whole school.
9 themes:
Kindergarten 1 (age 3): Doedel de Ontdekker (Doedel the discoverer)
Kindergarten 2 (age 4): Doedel de Dromer (Doedel the dreamer)
Kindergarten 3 (age 5): Samen sterk met Doedel (Originally based on K-6 Ourselves)
Grade 1 (age 6): Ga je mee aan de slag met Doedel (Originally based on K-6 Our Families)
Grade 2 (age 7): Werk je mee aan een toffe buurt? (Originally based on K-6 Our Community)
Grade 3 (age 8): Bouw je mee aan onze droomstad? (Originally based on K-6 Our City)
Grade 4 (age 9): Ga je mee op stap in onze provincie? (Originally based on K-6 Our Region)
Grade 5 (age 10): Trek je mee door Europa? (Originally based on K-6 Our Nation)
Grade 6 (age 11): Kid@Bizz    (see also specific separate description as this program can also run separately from the other themes.)

Every theme is based on 5 or 6 different lessons with the organisation of an event at the end of the lessons, creating the possibility for teachers to implement entrepreneurial teaching in the classroom.
The 9 themes are all based on the courant curricula for primary education and have the same end goal: create possiblities for entrepreneurial behaviour.
Focus from Vlajo is on guiding the teachers, not the students, by means of a clear manual and further digital guidance and train-the-trainer workshops.

JA Inside Industry - Study Circle

The Program is directed at students in the Grades of IX and X. Industry Interest Study Circle provides practical information about preparing students for the working world. Students learn about career clusters, high-growth jobs, career planning, and creating a personal brand.

The Study Circle aims to get students from various schools with same Interest Group under one roof and allow them to explore the industry in greater detail. Post that, the students will interact with industry practitioners covering various aspects of the industry. The students will understand their SEEK (Skills, Education, Experience, Knowledge) of the various roles and also get to understand through the journey of these professionals, the challenges, achievements and joys of this profession. 

Our first two Industry Interest Study Circle were centred on music at the True School of Music. Where students interacted and experienced the world of work around music. We recently conducted our third study circle at LIC of India, Divisional Office at Mumbai which was focussed on Insurance. We had employees interacting with students on various aspects of insurance industry. We also conducted fourth study circle with GE Healthcare.


After the successful execution of these circles we plan to expand our program to various other fields like Architecture, Fashion, Design, Airline, Hospitality, Engineering, Arts etc. in the upcoming months.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA India

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