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My Finances

The main aim of My Finances is to prepare students for effective management of their finances nowadays and in the future using electronic sources of information.
My Finances is the proposal for an innovative way of teaching financial education. It is supported by modern educational tools posted on the online platforms. The program is addressed to High Schools' students. Educational contents are adjusted to entrepreneurship curricula. The program consists of six thematic modules: "World of Finances", "It's like Banks," "My Investments", "Investment in the Future", "Safe Finances", "My Budget".

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Poland


Kid@Bizz is a short project in which children age 8-12 create a business- or actionplan they thereafter organize or carry out.


JIEHA! is a short entrepreneurial experience for age 14-16 in which the students start up their own ethical company, selling Fair Trade products or offering services to the community.

Business Startup

The INJAZ Business Start Up Program will contribute to the social and economic development, and political stability of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by engaging the talent of today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders to create and innovate entrepreneurial solutions to local, regional and international socio-economic and political challenges.  


Creatlon consists of 3 parts.

1.  Obtaining knowledge in economics and entrepreneurship - quiz in Moodle.

2. Team exercise - 5 team tasks to fulfil in 1 month (Job shadowing, volunteering and writing about it, making a travel plan with prizes, etc.)

3. Creative task - a video, business fairy tale, advertisement, etc.


JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Estonia

JA Business Skills Pass Program

The JA Business Skills Pass Program (BSP) is specifically designed to supplement student’s learning in the key business subjects under the Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) track. Its well-researched components is created and patterned on some 21st century skills requirements, following international standards, and more importantly to prepare the JA/DepEd Business Simulation program. Designed with specific needs of upper grade students in mind, BSP provides useful and practical content to equip students in their transition to becoming productive and contributing members of the society. This will also provide them with the necessary skills to create and manage an enterprise and prepare them for tertiary education in business.

Entrepreneurship Academy Programme

The JA South Africa Entrepreneurship Academy Programme - a seven to eight month long programme for grades 10 – 12, with weekly sessions of three hours each, incorporating entrepreneurial, financial literacy and workplace readiness programmes, as well as micro-economics and business ethics. 



Aflatoun’s program contains both social and financial themes. Children learn about themselves, child rights, saving, basic financial concepts, and enterprise. Aflatoun puts children at the center of their learning process and engages them with the world around them. By doing so, Aflatoun believes that the social and financial lessons that they receive will stay with them forever.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Zimbabwe

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