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BizWorld is an interdisciplinary business game, where students run their own (fictional) company during four project days. Students experience the basics of business, entrepreneurship and economics. During this project, students practice and improve their language and mathematic proficiency and develop additionally valuable skills that belong to the 21st century skills.

Business Startup

The INJAZ Business Start Up Program will contribute to the social and economic development, and political stability of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by engaging the talent of today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders to create and innovate entrepreneurial solutions to local, regional and international socio-economic and political challenges.  

Developing my Region

A material for international school collaboration projects

JA Local Program / Organisation: FFE Denmark

Appleby Academy

Appleby Academy is run in partnership with Junior Achievement Isle of Man. It is aimed at upper sixth form students and aims to give young people real life experience of working with an international organisation.

Appleby has presented students with a selection of real life business problems. A report template is provided and students can submit a solution to one of these problems. Each report will be evaluated by Appleby and the top three ideas will be chosen for the next step, a presentation to the Appleby Board. The three finalists will be invited to present their ideas to the Board for the opportunity to win a paid for summer work placement with Appleby.


Creatlon consists of 3 parts.

1.  Obtaining knowledge in economics and entrepreneurship - quiz in Moodle.

2. Team exercise - 5 team tasks to fulfil in 1 month (Job shadowing, volunteering and writing about it, making a travel plan with prizes, etc.)

3. Creative task - a video, business fairy tale, advertisement, etc.


JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Estonia

Boule & Bill

This programme is part of the educational primary curriculum in 6th grade, and involves only teachers.

Famous Comic characters Boule & Bill, have set their heart on a new bike. However, they don't have the financial means to buy the bicycle, and therefore decide to launch a business in order to raise money.

Children get an insight into economic and business concepts and notions through a Comic story and playfull actvities guided by their teachers.

Career Go! Workshop

Volunteers work with students to explore career options, practice resume writing and interview skills and discuss common workplace issues. This workshop aims to stimulate and encourage students to think about career management from different perspectives; not only skills necessary in finding a job but also a thinking process that would help them to be a well-rounded and effective individual at managing careers.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA China

Catch Your Dream

Step1: Self assessment to identify studnt's values

Step2: Describe who they want to be in the future

Step3: Identify what kinds of job student is interested in

Step4: On-line search of the jobs student identify

Step5: Interview to business volunteers

Step6: Identify what student needs to do from now on to get the job they want

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Japan

Career Exploration

Career Exploration is an Open-dialogue discussion between students and volunteers. The purpose is to expose students  to a wide range of career possibilities and provide resources to help them begin focusing on and pursuing career interests at an early age. The duration: half a day


JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Singapore


Its the combination of JA-MFM  (Mini Factory Model) and JA-WIN (Work and Interest) that was offered as a one-off intervention for the transition into the Waterfall model.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA India


Aflatoun’s program contains both social and financial themes. Children learn about themselves, child rights, saving, basic financial concepts, and enterprise. Aflatoun puts children at the center of their learning process and engages them with the world around them. By doing so, Aflatoun believes that the social and financial lessons that they receive will stay with them forever.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Zimbabwe

Building Achievement Through Sports and Entertainment

JA BASE is typically a one day program that seeks to nurture and develop skills of participants in relation to the fields of sports and arts. This is achieved through tailor made indoor and outdoor activities and engagement of relevant stakeholders to ensure quality learning and outcomes.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Kenya


It develops students' awareness of their relationship with the environment and generates thus agents of change with an attitude of active participation and commitment to their community and their environment.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Brazil

Be A Leader Lebanon

The program exposes students to the different models of leadership and the social and professional benefits of developing leadership skills. The program addresses key aspects associated with becoming a successful leader by focusing on topics such as influence, integrity, vision, negotiation and collaboration.


 Aflatoun is a worldwide movement which could not be created without curriculum adaptation, without generous support and dedication of JAA team, teachers, children, parents, trainers, ministry, donors, partners, volunteers, board members, , family and friends – everyone who has helped bring Aflatoun to children in Armenia.
The Aflatoun Secretariat provided a curriculum and training, and JA Armenia adapted the curriculum, find the resources to deliver and implement the programme in schools.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Armenia

Entrepreneurs in the service of humanity

Entrepreneurs in the service of humanity is a teaching material that tells the story about Alfred Nobel; his legacy, research, invention of dynamite and the Nobel Prize.

Discover Yourself

“Discover Yourself” aims to raise the self-awareness of students towards their outstanding potentials. Interactive activities compel students to rethink of their roles in life, what values do they believe in, what goals do they have and how they would like to achieve them. Furthermore, the program introduces decision making process, as a means to overcome confronted challenges that might hinder our progress to accomplish our aspirations.

JA Local Program / Organisation: INJAZ Egypt

Dialogue with Gen Y Leaders

Gen Y leaders are taking the reins of the 21st century workforce. JA Dialogue with Gen Y leaders enables students to learn from young role models, the leadership and life skills required of them from their future managers. The Gen Y leader will share his/her career path, role models, expectations of a good team member and advise students how to plan their career.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Hong Kong

AEMA - Dominican Republic

It develops students' awareness of their relationship with the environment and generates thus agents of change with an attitude of active participation and commitment to their community and their environment.

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