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Start Academy

Start Academy (SA) is a business plan contest for students at university level.

My Machine

MyMachine is run by 3 different age groups: in primary schools children invent a 'dream machine'.
At high school level design students/engineer students develop a construction plan for the selected 'dream machines'.
At seconary level in technical education students work with the construction plans to build the machine.

VLAJO Challenge

Vlajo Challenge is an innovative online serious game, meant for students between 14 and 99 years old. The game stimulates, informs and trains the player on being an entrepreneur. The player has to get a loan, rent a shop and start buying and selling products on the (fictional) market. Different stores are combined in a ‘plaza’, controlled by the teacher. The teacher has a control panel which makes him able to check the progression of the students whenever and where-ever he wants. The game makes the subject matter of economics attractive and interactive.
Vlajo Challenge can be used for 3 purposes:

  • To experience the subject matter of having a business
  • To practice the subject matter after theory
  • As an instrument for evaluation

 The teacher has absolute control over the game. He decides the speed of the game, the difficulty level (which can be changed during the game), playing together in small teams or individual,… He can also personalize the game, adapt it to the real-life situation of the students, by creating an own city to play in.

Before playing, the teacher creates a new ‘plaza’ for his students. He chooses a city, the difficulty level, the number of rounds to be played, and the number of players. For each player, a different account and password is then created. Because all is online, no specific installations are needed. The student just needs his login name and password, and the web address.


Talent4Event is a program for students aged 13-14 where they get the chance to discover and develop their talents by organising an event.
Through this learning by doing activity active learning and co-operative teamwork are stimulated.
The program is developed to stimulate entrepreneurial behaviour in non-economic oriented schools.

First, the students learn to know their talents through 5 specific lessons.
Once these talents are known, the class is divided into teams consisting of members with different talents.
Task is to organize an event.
The school can choose from 3 options:
- Let the students decide themselves what to organize.
- Let the students organize an existing school event.
- Work with the by Vlajo suggested event.

Main focus of the program is on the teacher. The aim is to have a team of teachers coaching the students from different topics.

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