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JA Junior Mentor Programme

Students who have graduated from the student company programme but are still at school are invited to join Junior Mentor Programme. They are taugh a short advanced course in entrepreneurship, leadership and management, psychology, commmunication, supporting others, basic tutoring etc.

When new student companies appear at school they go to support teachers-advisors and help newcomers to overcome their problems. They are a valuable support for the teacher as it is easier for them to achieve the trust of their younger peers.

During the trade fair each Junior Mentor gets 5-10 student companies whom they analyse and give advice. At the end they write their report about their learning experience.

JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Estonia

JA Talk Show

An Interactive JA Talk Show features two guests/speakers from ExxonMobil Singapore to share their life and work experience with the students. It provides a good exposure for the students as they can interact with industry professionals and ask questions. 



JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Singapore

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