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OutBound Capacity Building

Selected students spend one day involved in an outbound course engaged in activities such as flying fox, canoeing, climbing, go karting etc.This is a structured engagement involving teams and rotations of engagement and is an excellent opportunity to include volunteer involvement.

JA Talk Show

An Interactive JA Talk Show features two guests/speakers from ExxonMobil Singapore to share their life and work experience with the students. It provides a good exposure for the students as they can interact with industry professionals and ask questions. 



JA Local Program / Organisation: JA Singapore

Steer your Career Tunisia

Steer Your Career targets university students and vocational training centers students, aiming to aquire the skills needed to integrate into the job market and to operate effectively in a competitive job environment.


Through hands-on classroom activities, personal assessment, role playing, and reflection exercises, Steer Your Career helps students function effectively in the modern


During the program students are introduced to leadership, time management, conflict resolution and communication skills and techniques.

Throughout this course other key concepts covered include problem solving, team dynamics and coping with conflicts in team environments.

The program is delivered in 7 seperate sessions by INJAZ Tunisia corporate volunteers. 



It is delivered to engineering school students, Vocational Training Centers and also  in a partnership with an NGO (ADRA Jobs Tunisia)


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