Work and Interest

JAWIN-This  format has been developed as a precursor to JA Careers with a Purpose. This program helps students decode their interest into different professions and how these professions affect the real world. Therby helping students commence their journey of career exploration are highly appreciated.

The overall workshop, including introductions, breaks, Q&A and feedback, can be conducted within 3 hours (excluding the plenary session). The session delivery is through discussions and activities and is hence expected to be very easy on the students as well as the session anchors. 


Main concept of JAWIN is to Introduce the students Concepts of Work and interest to help them become work ready.

Main Points covered are:

  • What is work
  • What are the types of work people do
  • What is a job
  • What is an occupation
  • What is a profession
  • What is a career?
  • Is there a difference between a job and a career?: Every job is critical to the development of your career. But, jobs are also tools that help you meet your financial needs and goals.  Careers are the path through which you express your talents, skills and aspirations over a lifetime. Another way of thinking about the difference is that with a job, you work to live. With a career, you live to work.  

Further Explaing the concept by introducing the Model of SEEK-SKILLS,EDUCATIONS,EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE


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