JA Lights of OUR Future

This program aims to instill the values & behavior of sustainable living. These include a series of classroom learning and hands-on activities on the following topics:

1. What is Sustainable Living (Everyone is looking for a better quality of life despite the increasing population globally. Is there enough resources for all?)

  1. Water is a limited resource (Why and what is being done?)

  2. What is Energy and how do we reduce electricity consumption

  3. Greenhouse Gas effects

  4. Waste Management

  5. Conclusion (Bringing all the topics together)

Practical Learnings for Students:

Through the session, we also help students:

  • ·  Understand the environmental challenges society faces today and identify them in their daily lives

  • ·  Learn & observe how Science is used to design solutions in the real world

  • ·  Practice brainstorming and out-of-box thinking to suggest new solutions or improve existing practices to solve challenges in their daily environment

  • ·  Link sustainability to financial impact

  • ·  Initiate conversations on the roles they can play to reduce their environmental footprint


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