Entrepreneurship Master Class

The program starts by a private sector motivational speaker.

The volunteer asks each one what she/he aspires in life (future life plans). 

The volunteer explains the notion of entrepreneurship as a future life plan and what people can gain from such a direction. 

The volunteer and the teacher then start dividing the children into small groups of 8 participants. 

The volunteer explains what a company means and what is the role of each one in the company. 

The volunteer then asks the sudents about the necessity of having logos, presents them some brands logos and explains the values of each company and the necessity of having values. 

The volunteer asks each one in which department (CEO, Finance, marketing, PR, production...) he/she perceives himself and why. 


The voluneer introduces the first activity as she/he describes what a printing company is for and asks the students'groups to create printing companies in the aim to produce X number of celebration cards

The volunteer asks the students to choose a name,logo and values of their companies.

The student groups then develop the organization structure of their companies.

 The small companies send their production manager to buy the necessary material (tools: paper, markers, tape,.....)from a simulated supply store in the class.

The financial department start calculating the costs and revenues.

Students produce their cards, then the marketing manager, the CEO and the production Mangers start pitching for their cards in front of the judging panel.

Companies are assssed on the basis of pitching performance, understanding of the company process, understanding of the financial calculation process.


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