Entrepreneurship Master Class (EMC) Tanzania

By developing the essential components of a business plan, the Entrepreneurship Master Class challenges students to start an entrepreneurial venture while still in high school.

Following participation in the program, students will be able to:


  • Recognize characteristics and practices of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Start thinking about their business goals and assess them from different perspectives.
  • Demonstrate business-planning skills for an online venture start-up, financing, management, and long-term goals.
  • Develop their interpersonal as well as problem-solving skills and learn to work under very tight deadlines


Session Summary


This exciting one-day (4-5 hour) workshop introduces 45-50 high school/college students to the concept of self-employment as well as an understanding of the skills, attitudes and behaviors of entrepreneurs, all of which are involved in setting up and running a business. Meant to expand their horizons and direct their thinking towards the future in a fun way. This workshop aims to cultivate the following:
- Creative thinking and problem solving alongside communication and presentation skills;
- Teamwork and leadership whilst building confidence and a can-do attitude;
- Negotiations, decision making, managing risks, and adapting to change.


Session Activities

Activity 1: How Much of an Entrepreneur are you?

Students are introduced to the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and assess themselves in light of the same, so as to build their knowledge of the business world. 

Activity 2: Start Thinking

Students take on the roles of young entrepreneurs as they identify various issues within their localities and develop ‘business solutions’ to overcome each problem.

Activity 3: You as a Business/You as a Customer

Student groups first identify key characteristics of a successful business idea and then place themselves in a customer’s shoes to understand how their business goals affect their image as portrayed by their customers.

Activity 4: The Business Plan

Students apply the knowledge gained to their product or services and complete a sample business plan, which is to be presented within 2.5 minutes bearing in mind all key aspects of a start-up business venture.


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