Entrepreneurship Master Class University - Palestine

Entrepreneurship Master Class is a one-day inspirational workshop-for young people between the ages of 14-25 (with differences in delivery for each age group), it challenges students to think about starting their own business as a career, and becoming entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship Master Class builds on the wider key skills; the participants acquire social skills and experience of communications, team work, sales, marketing, finance, problem solving , personal training through improving their performance and use self-assessment procedures to support the growth of quality businesses and quality jobs.

The program is divided into two parts, first the theoretical part, where they learn about the different business departements, the skills needed for every departement, the sources of funding, social responsibillity and the role of  board of directors.

The second part is practical, in this part the students are divided into groups where each group has to have a CEO, marketing director, sales director, human resources manager and employees. The students are given material and a certain amount of money in order to make their own product and to convince others to buy it, during this part the students face some challenges where they have to make decisions that will put their virtual business at risk and will cause them to loose or win.


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