Frequently Asked Questions

What is JA Program Central and how can I use this information?
JA Program Central is a tool for JA Associates. Information published in JA Program Central can be used to support endeavors with funders, such as research for grant submissions or to expand program delivery by providing a centralized collective of all JA Programs around the world.

What was the source of the information in JA Program Central?
JA Program Central was a collaborative exchange between JA Worldwide and JA Members. Driven by each ROC, supported by annual Hewitt submissions, the data was provided and entered into the system by JA Members. Prior to publication of the information, programs were reviewed and verified across ROCs and JA Worldwide.

Do I need an account?
Yes! While you are able to perform basic searches for information on JA Program Central, you will not be able to see any details without being a registered user.

How to I become a registered user?
JA Program Central provides self-registration for user account setup. Click on the Sign-in button. On the sign-in page, click "New user? Register here!" Fill out the form, complete the email confirmation and you are ready to explore the world of JA Programs!

What if I want more information about a particular program?
You should contact the JA Member running the program via the published website link on each program listing. You can also contact your ROC or the JA Program Central team using the Contact form.

How do I update program details that are in JA Program Central?
Each JA Organization has a staff member registered to update program details and should be the first contact for updates. If that person is not available, you should contact your ROC or the JA Program Central team using the Contact form.

How do I provide feedback?
Please use the Contact link at the top of the JA Program Central website to submit any questions, issues or feedback.


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