About JA Program Central

JA Program Central is an online “go-to” place for JA staff to find information about JA programs from all over the world.  This is a need that has gone unmet for far too long and we are excited to announce through collaboration across member countries, ROCs and JA Worldwide, the creation of the “Trip Advisor” equivalent for JA members to navigate the many programs in use across our global network. 


The JA Program Central portal includes the ability to search with filters, see who runs the program and the impact, and check out the reviews of “destination” programs.   JA Program Central will start with program descriptions and is envisioned to grow to house student numbers, outcome metrics, and best practices. 

With a goal to increase collaboration, learning and innovation, JA Program Central will be the spark that helps JA practitioners leverage ideas and foster sharing.  Eventually, we also see the convergence of the portal with the annual organization data collection to streamline data collection and reporting.

A dedicated team of volunteers from member countries and the six ROCs have built out the concept with actual program entries from their respective portfolio of JA programs.  Lots have been learned in collecting and populating the portal, making the portal easy to use and keeping the information current.  The team will make every effort to keep the information in JA Program Central up to date.

You can also find practical information about JA Program Central in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website.


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